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Checkweigher - Multipak CW220
Checkweigher - Multipak CW220Checkweigher - Multipak CW220Checkweigher - Multipak CW220Checkweigher - Multipak CW220Checkweigher - Multipak CW220 - End View
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Checkweigher - Multipak CW220

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Fast, reliable and accurate, low cost checkweigher.


Weighing Range: 10g – 1kg
Accuracy: ±1g
Pack Width: 10mm – 200mm
Pack Length: 10mm – 220mm
Max. Speed: 80ppm
Belt Width: 220mm
Belt Length: 420mm

We have a range of three different checkweighers that cover most applications.


Reject Systems

All of our machines can be provided with either an air blast or mechanical reject system as required. Reject bins provided have level sensors to detect when they are full or if a reject is missed so that the operator is always aware of any issues.


Our software has been uniquely designed to be simple, obvious and easy to operate. Pick your programme and off you go. Once your programs are in place, there’s little else to do. Full documentation is provided to aid in programme setup.

Spares & Support

We carry a full range of spares on stock at our warehouse. All of our machines are built to be easy to service and repair. Spare parts are low cost and our call out rates for repairs and maintenance are extremely competitive.

Maintenance & Servicing

If you would like to keep your machine running smoothly, we recommend taking out one of our maintenance contracts. Our contracts include regular servicing, spare parts and labour for the lifetime of the contact. Contact us to find out more.

More Information

Location:North East UK
On Offer:No
Model Number:CW220
Warranty:12 Months
Construction:Stainless Steel
Power Requirement:220VAC
Air Requirement:Compressed Air
Max Speed:80ppm
Food Safe:Yes
Max Target Weight:1Kg
Min Target Weight:10g

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